Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Homemade Corn Syrup

This syrup has a unique flavour.  It doesn't taste like the stuff you buy in stores.  I will be using it in place of honey when I do my baking.  It might go on pancakes, too.

It all started with the sack of Taber corn I got on the weekend.  After canning that delicious corn, I had 2 large bowls full of corn cobs.

The cobs were a bit too big, so I split them in half.  I just took my heaviest knife and gave the cob a whack in the middle.  Then I just grabbed the cob and broke it where the knife hit it.

I filled my pot with the cobs and water to cover.  I simmered the cobs for about an hour.

I removed the cobs and strained the liquid a few times.

I measured the liquid into a pot with some sugar.  I use a 2:1 ratio of liquid to sugar.

After boiling for about 45 minutes, I had to transfer the mixture to a smaller pot as my candy thermometer couldn't reach the liquid anymore.  You can see the colour change.

Finally, when the temperature reached about 220ºF, I poured the syrup into jars and processed them in a boiling water bath.  I had to process for 10 minutes because I'm at elevation, but normally you would process for 5 minutes.  They came out a beautiful golden colour.