Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dolls for Kindergarten

These dolls are for Isabella's kindergarten. Her teacher asked me to make them because she wants to explain skin colour to the kids. She picked out the fabric and gave me a sketch of what she wanted.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Huskies in action

Here is some video of the last couple of minutes of last night's game.


Here is the group that went out on Halloween. There was one more boy that joined up with us a little later and Isabella and the other little one only lasted about half an hour. The other little girl's dad took them home.

So, from the back L-R we have a Men In Black agent, Batman, Elf, Singer, and Snow White. In the front L-R we have a Princess, Yellow Power Ranger Spirit of the Cheetah (Isabella), a cheetah (Katerina), and White Power Ranger Spirit of the Rhino (Joshua).

The children had great fun and brought home copious amounts of candy. They kept some candy but are trading the remainder for a wall poster (each) of their choice. We will go pick them out this week.

Here is a closeup of the cheetah costume. I used Simplicity 2855, size M. She loved the costume and because I made it a little larger, she will have a couple of years of play out of it, too.