Saturday, 22 October 2011

Party Day!

Today was bittersweet. Joshua started throwing up in the middle of the night and continued into the morning. So, the decision was made that he would stay home from his party.

The party was originally going to be a shared party at Boston Pizza for pizza, cake, and presents. Then, we would walk across the street to West Edmonton Mall to Galaxyland. Once there, I would take the girls on the rides, and Joel would take the boys. We would then meet up at a set time. However, since Joel stayed at home with Joshua, I went solo.

At Boston Pizza, there were a total of 16 kids. On the walk to Galaxyland, a parent of one of the boys decided to stay and help me. I love her.

We had 14 boys and girls going on the rides, and we stayed together as a group.

To make sure Joshua was still a part of his birthday, we took along "Flat Josh". Here are the pictures of the day, including "Flat Josh".

At Boston Pizza:

After Boston Pizza, we went to Galaxyland:

Once Joshua is feeling better, I'm going to arrange to take the boys out to a movie. Plus, as a family, we'll go to Galaxyland again so the 3D version of Joshua can go on the rides, too.

Happy Birthday, Katerina & Josh!

Here they are on their birthday. We went to Montana's for dinner. Since their birthday fell during the week, we had the party on the weekend. Here are the pictures from Montana's:

Katerina got her ears pierced this summer at a tattoo & piercing place. She's been keen on maintaining her ears and they healed perfectly. For her birthday, she picked out her first pair of real earrings. The stone is opal, her birthstone, and the shape is a heart.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Cadbury has seen better times

Poor Cadbury. He's recovering from patella stabilization surgery. He went in on Wednesday morning for the laser surgery. He stayed overnight and came home yesterday afternoon. He's on painkillers for a few days, too.

Patella stabilization surgery was required because the groove in the knee was non-existent. He had a collision late summer with Isabella and I guess that stretched the ligaments/tendons holding the knee in place. After that injury, his knee slide out of alignment at the slightest touch. The condition is called Luxating Patella. Here is a good article describing the condition.

Luxating Patella Article

I had to take Cadbury to Petsmart today, though, to get him fitted with a cone. He started licking around the incision last night whilst we were asleep. This morning, the skin around his incision is all red and chapped. I got a different type of cone, though. This one is inflatable. The rigid plastic ones are miserable and they end up causing bruises to all the humans in the house from being ran into by Cadbury.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hockey Teams

The twins are on different teams this year. If you want to follow their progress, I've posted the links to the teams' websites on the left side of the blog. Katerina's team is called the EMHA G-Force and Joshua's team is called the Confederation Ice Breakers.