Monday, 29 November 2010

98th Grey Cup 2010

Pete, Joel, the twins, and I went to the Grey Cup on Sunday. It was quite the experience. The energy of the Rider Nation was infectious. However, the drunken idiot behind me wasn't all that fun. He was putting popcorn in my hood, smoking cigarettes, swearing all the time, and he fell on me. At one point, we were all standing because they were throwing mini-footballs into the crowd. Drunken idiot dove for a ball (it was nowhere near him) and fell into me, causing me to smash my knee against the hard plastic seat. Jerk. Anyway, overall it was fun, but I think I like the regular season games better. Here are a bunch of pictures:


Opening Play:

Pete and the twins:

Joel, the twins, and me:

Halftime setup. I got a kick out of the lawnmowers towing the speakers:

Halftime was Bachmann and Turner from BTO:

A Rider fan:

(Rider) Elvis is in the building:

Gainer the Gopher (the Roughrider mascot):

Blitz (the Alouette mascot):

Some Melonheads: