Friday, 14 October 2011

Cadbury has seen better times

Poor Cadbury. He's recovering from patella stabilization surgery. He went in on Wednesday morning for the laser surgery. He stayed overnight and came home yesterday afternoon. He's on painkillers for a few days, too.

Patella stabilization surgery was required because the groove in the knee was non-existent. He had a collision late summer with Isabella and I guess that stretched the ligaments/tendons holding the knee in place. After that injury, his knee slide out of alignment at the slightest touch. The condition is called Luxating Patella. Here is a good article describing the condition.

Luxating Patella Article

I had to take Cadbury to Petsmart today, though, to get him fitted with a cone. He started licking around the incision last night whilst we were asleep. This morning, the skin around his incision is all red and chapped. I got a different type of cone, though. This one is inflatable. The rigid plastic ones are miserable and they end up causing bruises to all the humans in the house from being ran into by Cadbury.


Prudence said...

Just stumbled upon your blog! Hope Cadbury feels better soon!