Tuesday, 1 July 2008

An autumn dress for Isabella

My poor little one is sick with a summer cold and even though she doesn't look all that thrilled, she really was very happy with the dress.

The pattern is Burda 9673, size 4. I added some top-stitching on the skirt segments, the sleeve cap, and the sleeve flounce. I shortened the sleeve flounces a little bit more as I know Isabella doesn't like them too long. She has a top with sleeve flounces that are too long and she always gets them all mucky.

The fabrics are brown medium-heavy wale corduroy and a flowery flannel. The brown corduroy was actually a 1-metre remnant I picked up at Walmart for around $1.50. One metre was too small of a piece to make Joshua some pants, and I became obsessed in finding a use for it.

This dress, paired with some thick leggings, will be perfect for the fall and winter.