Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lots of top-stitching!

These pants are from Ottobre magazine, issue 4/2007, design #29, size 8 (European size 128). In tracing this pattern, I added a 5/8" seam allowance. I used a larger seam allowance because of the double top-stitching. This is my first time sewing an Ottobre pattern. It went reasonably well but the zipper placket gave me quite a bit of trouble.

Even though the pattern called for a 4" zipper, I tried using a 6" one, as that was my smallest zipper. In fiddling around, trying to get the zipper to fit, I must have screwed up somewhere. Also, I wasn't familiar in using a placket to attach a zipper. I wasn't pleased with the result. It ended up looking like I had sewn darts at the end of the zipper.

I ended up taking out that zipper. I also had a pair of Joshua's pants that were ripped and beyond repair. I took the zipper from that pair. As a bonus, that pair had a zipper placket, so I was able to examine the installation in detail. Once I put in the new zipper placket, with my new-found zipper placket knowledge, it looked like it should.

I also adjusted this pattern to have an adjustable waist using buttonhole elastic. Joshua has a skinny waist and without the adjustable waist, he would have to wear a belt. The boy barely remembers to zip up his pants (occasionally) and a belt would be a disaster.

Overall, I am pleased with this pattern. It was a lot of work, but next time it should go a little easier. I will be taking a break from making pants for a bit, though.


anita said...

I like the style of the pants!
Having done my share of sewing jeans and cords with top stitching over the years, I can really relate to you needing to take a break. It's very satisfying though!
Way to sew, Brigitte!