Monday, 11 August 2014

New Pantry

Well, what I wanted to do today and what I ended up doing are two very different things.  Yesterday, my plan was to make some bread, can the beets, beet stock, and make beet stalk relish.  That didn't work out.  I had a pretty awful night, sleep-wise, and didn't end up falling asleep until 7:30 this morning.  I set my alarm for 12:30 so I would at least get half a day in.  Unfortunately, I was just too tired to do any canning.

I futzed about with my new pantry instead.  Joel has been assembling it the last few evenings.  Lest you think, "Why would it take so long to assemble it?" Joel's been working all day in the backyard digging.  He's been digging out a new path and prepping it for paving stones.  But, he still found time to assemble my pantry.  I love that man!

The pantry took the place of a half-height buffet.  The location, just as you come in from the mud room, made the buffet become a catch-all for everything under the sun.  I have some bins in my sewing room now that I have to sort through from emptying it.  A garage sale is in order, soon.

Anyway, I moved all my canned goods into the new pantry.  Then I transferred all my dry goods into canning jars, and put them into it, too.  Right now, I've just folded my kitchen linens and placed them on a shelf, but I want to get some nice baskets to put them into.

Then I moved some of my larger pots, casserole dishes, and small appliances to the bottom of the pantry.  Those things take up so much cupboard space in the kitchen, so that gives me a bit more space there.

I also sorted out all my canning rings.  I separated out all the ones that have a smidge (or more) of rust. Those will get used when I give a gift of some canning item.  I never get them back so it works.  I tied them through some cotton yarn to keep them together in a box.

The other thing we had to think about was Joel's key-drop.  The buffet had a place for him, but the pantry does not.  However, Ikea saves the day again.  Two hooks + 1 wire basket + 1 spare chair = key/wallet/charging place for Joel. I added a small jar to drop coins and bits into.

And, lest you think that the pantry is pretty organized, I still have my original pantry to clean out and sort.

Yep.  Lots of work still to do, huh?  LOL  But, overall, it wasn't a complete washout of a day for me.

Oh, and remember these:

I opened the first jar tonight.  OMG!  Delicious!