Saturday, 7 June 2008

My sewing to-do list

So, I just scooped up a bunch of long-sleeved t-shirts that were on sale for Katerina and Isabella at H&M yesterday, and Joshua still has lots from last year that still fit, so no more shirt sewing. As much as I would like to, I really should concentrate on other things.

I went through the kids' clothes today to see what they are lacking. Pants for the twins. Joshua will need size 7 pants as he is longer in the torso so he stays in pants for a long time. Katerina will need size 8 mid-way through the fall/winter season. She is always like that.

Katerina will also need some fall/winter skirts and winter jumper dresses. Plus leggings. The twins will need winter PJs, too.

But, first on my list to sew are some swimsuits for the girls for this summer. And, Joshua and Katerina need a few more summer PJs.