Sunday, 1 June 2008


Isabella LOVES yellow. It's her favourite colour. I've been wanting to make something for her in yellow for quite a while and now that spring is here, with summer just around the corner, it was time.

I used Kwik Sew 3169, size 4, for the top; New Look 6582, size 4, for the skirt, and; Jalie 2444, size 4, for the leggings. For Katerina, I used the same patterns except size 7.

I also tried something different for the elastic in the top. I attached the elastic with the serger, folded and cover-stitched down. The pattern called for a casing. I hate doing casings. I can see that the neckline is a bit wobbly in spots, but I'm hoping it smooths out with a wash.

The top is made from Michael Miller Fun Mellon and the skirt is just a thin gingham.

At the same time, I made an outfit for Katerina. The two outfits are reverse of each other. Katerina couldn't model because she was at her rugby game. It was also a bit of a rush to finish because Katerina wanted to wear her outfit to a birthday party this afternoon, and it still needed to be washed.