Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A swimsuit for Katerina

This is the same pattern that I used for Isabella's swimsuit except size 7. Katerina is at school right now so she isn't available to model it.

I still used the swimsuit elastic but I changed the serger and coverstitcher settings. For the serger, I used a long stitch length, 4, and I kept the cutting width at 2.5. I also dropped the left needle so I only used the right needle plus the two loopers.

For the coverstitch, I used the middle and right needles, with the presser foot down half a turn. My tension settings were 4, 4, and 3. I also stitched with the right needle on the elastic and the middle needle on the fabric.

When doing the neckline for both the serger and coverstitch, I divided it into eighths. It was much easier to work with than with quarters. The fabric coverage over the elastic was much more consistent and there was less fabric slippage.

It worked out really well and I am pleased with the result.

UPDATE: Here is Katerina wearing her new swimsuit.